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Like anyone involved in the design industry, we appreciate architecture, industrial design and interior design. With the prospect of a new Twofold Creative office in the works, excitement is growing at the possibility of being able to tailor our work environment for visual appeal, ergonomics and functionality. It is particularly important to any designer, no matter which field they ply their art, to have a space that inspires creativity and is comfortable, yet also a place you can meet with business professionals. I always recall my co-workers and the quality of the coffee when I think back to enjoyable work environments and while these things are important, so too is the atmosphere born of the space itself. 

Obviously there are considerations with aspects like physical space, natural light, outward appearance of the building and what our budget will dictate (probably no pool tables, slippery-slides or egg-shaped sci-fi meeting pods), however these parameters will encourage us to think laterally to create what we desire. It must embody our values and remain consistent with our design style. While we see our creation as being something unique and personal, it never hurts to look at what other companies out there are producing. 

How does your workspace make you feel and what do you like about your work environment?      

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